A journey from the hospital to the studio

On My Easel

Still working on “windows”
But now it’s “Little Bird”

The start of the “Windows”

photo 5 (2)

“Dreams of Summer” progression

photo 4 (2)

photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (4)

photo 1 (4)

“Tibeten Man” progression

photo 1 (6)

photo 2 (5)

photo 4 (4)

Work as of 2/3/14


The progress as of 2/3/14

The Progressing today (1/29/2014)

Starting in the morning






I got on a role and forgot to take a picture…. this one is well progressed

last pull

last closer

Thanks for seeing what’s new today!

This is what’s on my easel today 1/28/2014:


This is the drawing with the picture I’m working from with my preliminary sketch.


The trick is completing the drawing without white chalk. I have an electric  eraser on it’s way to the house; pending that it doesn’t get caught up in this Georgia snow storm. I will continue to post the progress of this piece. This is day two of work, I hope to have it done to nearly completed by Feb 2nd

Next is my constant work in progress, “Skulls.” It’s all pencil so it’s taking forever!




8 thoughts on “On My Easel

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  2. Amazing. I know you will get where you want to go and I don’t think it will be a long trip.

  3. Your work is amazing and your story very touching. I know God will be with you as you travel this new road in your life. God is working to bless your life in another way.

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  5. So amazing! I just love it! My heart sings when I see friends making art!! ❤

  6. I too am a nurse and at work right now googling…’nurse to artist” because I too want to be an artist. I have always wanted to be an artist, or as my family calls it, “struggling artist”. I am a Burn ICU RN and get some artistic satisfaction creating full body dressings for my patients; but, I just LOVE to draw! Three years ago I was on modified bedrest (prego) and it was wonderful! I just sat around drawing everything. The more I drew, the better I got. Now three years later, I am still longing for endless days of drawing time. I commend you for starting this blog. You have inspired me that it can be done!

    • I’m so happy you found my blog!
      It’s hard to balance nursing, family and life with art. The best thing I ever did was find a community art class. I asked my nurse shift manager for every Wednesday off and I take my classes that day. At my first class I was the youngest one there by about 20 years! It was all retired people. They all told me they wish that they had taken classes earlier rather than waiting for retirement.
      Keep drawing and good luck!

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