A journey from the hospital to the studio


This is my story of how an ICU nurse turns into a full time artist.

I’ve drawn all my life. But it was only just that, drawings. I won a few awards for things I did in school yet my art was treated like “a nice hobby.” Don’t get me wrong, my parents were very supportive but the arts were no way to make a living.

Fast forward to 2004, this is when the story begins. It’s funny, when a doctor tells you that you have cancer how everything changes. I would like to say that I began my art journey here, yet that’s not the case. I beat cancer and discovered a love for medicine. I returned to high school ready to finish and go to nursing school. And that’s what I did. I took AP biology, anatomy and all those “STEM” courses but I also took “easy” art courses to temper my load. I finally took art classes for the first time in my life! This was joy, this was freedom. But again, only “a nice hobby.”

My art journey truly begins much later in 2012. I had completed everything is was “suppose” to do. I graduated collage, got a nursing job, bought a house, payed off student loans and yet I felt unfulfilled. I yearned for so much more. I love caring for people as a nurse, but that is not all that I am.

I want to be an artist. A true artist. I aways have, and this is my journey


Please visit my Etsy Store and Image Kind site to order originals and prints of my work.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow what a successful person you are! Congratulations on beating cancer. I am certain that your artistic endeavors has and will continue to give your life even more Meaning! I have a suggestion. Considering you have intimate knowledge of the human body from your time as a nurse, perhaps you can get out your old anatomy books and do sketches of bone structure, muscle structure, and then the skin and all. See you could get a several transparent sheets of paper, The bottom being the bode structure, then put a transparent sheet and draw the muscles. Do you see what I am saying. Anyway it is just an idea. I did that once. It was fun!

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