A journey from the hospital to the studio


What I’ve been doing this summer

It’s been a difficult summer for me. The summer started with a great deal of dissatisfaction with myself and particularly my art. I felt like an antsy teenager. I felt like all my pieces were at a level and I couldn’t push past it. I felt stuck. The creative process can be like this sometimes. We are all human, we all struggle and none of us are alone in it.
So, being broke, I threw myself back into the hospital. I pick up a lot of shifts and on a few occasions, I really over tiered myself. While doing this I tireless searched the internet attempting to discover what was next for me.
But, as always, it came from the inside. Inside me was bursting with ideas, colors and most of all I wanted to paint. I looked for painting programs and found one north of the city in Sandy Springs. It was difficult, I had to complete over two months of meticulous drawing exercises. This month I completed the last one:


The class is more like a community with local current artist working on commissions to complete beginners. Yesterday I was finally able to paint. ┬áThis is my very first attempt at painting and I’m starting with oil painting. The subject is two sunflowers that were growing in my garden. Here’s a selfie and what I completed yesterday along with my initial pencil drawing








They’re so happy and bright! I’m not done with them, but I hope to be soon.

With love,