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Happy Georgia Snow Storm

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Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone is enjoying their snow day. I know I have and Jazz did too! We have had a blast playing ball. Here’s the happy buddy.


As for the artistic stuff, despite the terrible snow traffic, the USPS came through for me. (God bless!) I received my electric eraser in the mail today. I LOVE IT. It allows me to sorta ‘carve out’ detail from my newest charcoal piece. Here are all of the supplies I’m using for this drawing,


On the Left are the erasers, my awesome Sakura electric eraser on the farthest left.  My trusty China eraser and a kneaded one above. The sad broken piece of charcoal is all that is left of a stick of compresses charcoal. I prefer compressed the most, I like the deep black it gives. Next is a charcoal pencil with a trusty smudge stick that is so saturated that I can draw with it. Last are two synthetic paint brushes,  I use these for softening lines, gently brushing away those bits left behind from erasing. I find using the bushes is better than blowing on my drawing, this way I don’t accidentally get bits of well….spit…. on the drawing. It’s much more sanitary and a bit of moisture on the paper is a sure way to mess it up.

So here is the drawing so far, it’s about 1/2 of the way completed.


If you want to see its progression check out the ‘on  My Easel‘ Page

Thanks for reading my thoughts,


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One thought on “Happy Georgia Snow Storm

  1. Jazz looks like he has had fun being a snow dog!

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